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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  April 10, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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attack tonight. two out-of- state teenagers die while diving off monterey... the investigation into what went wrong... more places smokers can light up on the endan st... what "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." more places smokers can light up on the endangered list. what lawmakers are targeting now. parts of the midwest hit by tornadoes. how this twister leveled most of one small town. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. stanford graduate students are being warned to be extra careful tonight after a woman was assaulted in her campus apartment. it happened at the village complex. as don knapp reports stanford
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police don't believe the assailant was a student. >> reporter: this is the housing complex. police say a man entered and assaulted a woman as she slept. a university spokesperson told cbs5 that the woman was not physically injured. following the attack, the university transmitted text messages telling stanford students of the assault and urging them to be cautious. >> of course we are all concerned when something like this happens but stanford is usually a pretty safe campus so i'm not overwhelmingly concerned about it. >> any special precautions you'll take? >> lock our doors and windows. >> reporter: another resident says she worries about the security of the ground level windows especially in warmer weather. >> it is really good to just climb through the window. climb into the room through the window if we don't close it during the night.
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>> reporter: stanford had 59 burglaries during the last school year according to the stanford "daily newspaper." the paper reported in january three men entered a room of a student. the woman woke up and screamed and the three suspects fled. graduate student olive tells cbs5 the safety can no longer be taken for granted at stanford. >> i think it is no longer a safe place here. >> no longer safe? >> yes. i mean, previous i feel free to come back in the night by myself but now i don't know do it. >> reporter: dark skinned man about 30 years old, 5'6" inches tall and may have been wearing a dark t-shirt. officials have been very reluctant to talk with much detail about this case and declined to do online interviews but stanford please
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are seeking help. call them at 650-329-4103. >> thank you. don knapp in palo alto. two attacks at uc berkeley. a woman was grabbed by a man near the valley life sciences building just before midnight thursday and then a few hours later another student reported being robbed and sexually assaulted. the descriptions of both attacks is the same. a young white male about 5'6" with white wear. a scuba dive turned deadly for two teens. part of a group from carson city high school. a reporter spoke with the man who saw the incident unfold. >> the waves come and go. >> reporter: today adam got certified to scuba dive. he came back to monterey bay to finish the program even after watching emergency response teams pull two teen divers from
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these waters yesterday. >> we saw the plane circling and fire trucks and stuff show up and we were wondering what was going on. >> reporter: investigators are still figuring out what went wrong. it took 45 minutes for search teams to find their bodies. >> it looks like a natural environment the marine environment is hostile and unpredictable. >> reporter: yesterday the coastguard station in monterey responded to four emergencies. that's higher than usual but they say typically diving accidents are uncommon. >> most of them are recreational boating safety related. i believe we had nine diving accidents last year. take a little extra safety gear and little extra time. preparation will not only make your day better but it could save your life. >> reporter: he says he is
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still passionate about scuba diving but after what happened yesterday he has more respect for rules and safety in what he calls unforgiving waters. >> it is important to respect the ocean. there are just too many things out there. >> reporter: in monterey, cbs5. two men went into the water yesterday when their tug boat sank. the coastguard rescued one of the men but after eight hours of searching for his companion it was called off. a life jacket matching the one the missen man was wearing was found on the beach. highway patrol is looking for a driver involved in a fatal accident early this morning. deputies say a pedestrian was walking on 280 near san pedro road. the driver of the car stopped and fled on foot. the highway patrol is using the car's registration to track down the driver. still no information being released about the bodies of two beam found inside a home. the unidentified man and woman
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were found dead at a house in the 10,000 block of west acres drive yesterday. police are not saying how the couple died but they tell us tonight no third parties were involved. checking other bay area headlines. the injure in the barry bonds perry trial resumes deliberations tomorrow. the panel will have testimony read back from bonds' assistant who said she saw bonds getting an injection. bonds is charged with making false statements to a grand jury when he said he never knowingly used steroids. he is also charged with obstruction of justice. san francisco supervisors want to weigh in on plans to restrict off leash dog areas in the golden gate recreational area. the proposal could force dog owners into city parks and they want to discuss that impact. dog advocatepublic opinion on the plan continues through next month. steve jobs has agreed to
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participate in a book about his life. simon & schuster will publish the book. it is written with his approval. now been one month since the massive 9.0 earthquake and tsunami ravaged japan. almost 15,000 people are still missing. japanese troops continue searching through the rubble. how they are creating a powerful portrait of the devestation. >> reporter: the photo album once cherished now sits neglected above a sea of carnage. faces look up from the debris. happy smiles that have no place in the new reality of northeast japan. boxes of memories by the side of the road wait to be claimed. crews sifting through the debris are still very mindful of photos. every time they see one they put it to one side then take it to the shelters. in one shelter a gallery is
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being built to display the photos found. wedding photos. class portraits. intimate family moments captured on film. some of these photos will never be claimed. finding a photo of his friend. a friend who is still missing. he calls to his brother to say he has found his photo. the brother begs him to keep it safe. he says the body of the man's wife has been found but they are still looking for him and his parents. he hunts for more photos of a friend he has known since his school days. >> he tells me when i saw his face among all this i was shocked but was so happy. all day people come to find lost photos or to find a memory of a lost relative. linealilynn usually helps in the middle east but she came
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when disaster struck. claiming photos she hopes this can bring some comfort to victims. >> they had their life here. their family here. their friends here. school. everything. it is gone. >> reporter: some photos are badly damaged. little wonder after a tsunami and raging fires destroyed almost the entire town. all that's left is a reminder of some residents, a dirty photo, ripped album or cameras that will never be used again. paula hancocks, cnn, japan. >> wow. well, a push to prohibit smoking in even more places. it is a safe haven for a smoker that has been denied the rights to smoke literally everywhere else. >> the places now being targeted by lawmakers in sacramento. named for its maple trees now oblitterrated by them.
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damage from tornadoes. looking for religious understanding and tolerance. how a local sikh community opened its doors to the bay area. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cw weather center. turned out to be a nice weekend but now storm clouds getting pretty close. will we see a little rain? we will talk about that coming up.
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they rose another 19-cents in the last three weeks. it appears gas prices haven't found their ceiling yet rising another 19 cents in the last three weeks.
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it ishighest price in san francisco at 4.13 a gallon. a bay area lawmaker wants to expands the smoking ban to include surprising locations. linda yee with where cigarettes may soon be snuffed out. >> reporter: smokers are already banned from lighting up in public buildings and offices but the law could get tougher. hotels that now set aside a third of its rooms in areas for nonsmoking will be required to make 80% of their space smoke free. the ban will also extend to employee break rooms and small businesses. >> if you've got child care in a home we don't want people smoking around children who they are taking care of. the hotels. hotel lobbies, meeting rooms. small businesses. >> reporter: the senator says
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he is sponsoring the expanded ban because secondhand smoke is dangerous. when the smoking bans were first introduced years ago the tobacco industry didn't put up much of a fight. they will this time because part of the new expanded ban will include tobacco stores. that means snuffing out cigar lounges or store smoking events, what smoke shop owners say drive their business. >> i think it will close us down. >> why? >> because part of the thing about coming into a tobacco shop has been able to smoke in there. try the different blends. smell what someone is smoking. >> it is a safe haven for a smoker that has been denied the right to smoke literally everywhere else within his environment. he can't smoke at the beach. he can't smoke in the park. he can't smoke in an apartment. and so on. but a cigar store that allows smoking is really the only safe venue for him left.
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>> reporter: the california association of retail tobacco claim their industry generated $2 billion in sales taxes for the state, a ban that could hurt their sales means a lot of state income could also go up in smoke. in san jose, linda yee, cbs5. firefighters from 25 states are in west texas tonight. they are battling more than a dozen fires that have already scorched some 60,000-acre. one in the fort davis area has destroyed 50 homes. other fires are burning in mostly rural areas. one state forestry worker says it is the worst single fire day he has ever seen. in the midwest the danger was tornadoes and this one caught on camera last night in iowa. a witness said it appeared to be a quarter of a mile wide. some damage was to a turkey farm. many of the birds were killed
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or left in shock. this is the damage done to the small town of 1200. the mayor of mapleton says about 20% of the business district is leveled. made of century-year old trees. the tornado was just one of several reported in iowa last night. the weather service has confirmed at least four other small twisters. this is point when i usually complain about some aspect of our weather but when you see that we have nothing to complain about. >> we got a lot of sunshine this weekend. still looking at a pretty good evening outside although the clouds beginning to filter into our skies now. coyt tower looking good. fairly calm. lots of sunshine over the weekend. here come the clouds. weak storm system headed towards the bay area. doppler radar picking up on some of the rain making its way in. it will be sliding down the coast. as it does probably going to fall apart. that means we are left with the trailing edge of the system so not a whole lot of rain but could be a little bit wet at least in parts of the north bay. here is your storm system right
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here. not the biggest one we have ever seen. if you've got outdoor plans you may get wet as we head into tomorrow that slides on by. tomorrow a chance of a few insures, best chance north of the golden gate bridge. you could see a couple of showers but not much. 50s and 60s for highs outside. things unsettled on monday and quite a big change from what we had over the weekend. temperatures now running in the 40s and 50s and by day tomorrow the further north you go the better chance you'll run into the rain. 59 degrees. rain expected. snow showers in the high country. kind after mixture. temperatures running pretty warm. spring season conditions continuing in. storm system starting to fall apart just a bit. ridge of high pressure. kind of weakened somewhat as it moves onshore. we will leave it at a chance of rain. not a big washout outside. but be prepared. bring that umbrella with you if
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you're headed outdoors for tomorrow. computer models. 7:00 a.m. in the morning. we have got showers early on. parts of the north bay watch what happens starts to move to the south. begins to fall apart in a hurry. by the afternoon we may very well see the clouds begin to break apart a bit and we may sneak in a little sunshine. so you get the idea. not a huge storm rolling on through. but just enough to get things a little bit wet. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. plan on about 64 morgan hill. about 57 and cool in half moon bay and 61 in union city. east bay temperatures mainly into the 60s in many spots then as you head to the north bay it will be cooler because of the clouds moving on by and of course a few rain drops moving on through too. next few days kind of interesting. chance of showers for tomorrow. tuesday looking pretty good. sunshine returns. i think maybe stronger system moves in come wednesday but even that one is not real strong. bringing a chance of showers a little bit further to the south around the bay area. then come thursday, friday and right into next weekend here comes the warm up into the 70s as we head towards next
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saturday. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. some unusual concerts. the voice of the 60s antiwar movement in vietnam. a partial partridge reunion. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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this weekend. he had the top two movies at the box office. but his new comedy, british comic russell brandt had the top two movies at the box office but his new comedy comedy -- arthur was a distant second. his live performance as arthur opened. it is the the largest and most expensive sikh temple in the united states located right here in the bay area.
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sikh leaders hosted an open house for all to see. anne makovec takes us inside. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the san jose sikh temple is translated as the gateway to to the guru. >> i'm in a different world when i come here to pray with my eyes closed. >> reporter: it can seem like a different world with your eyes open. a succession led the crowd to the temple. this is the main prayer area with a special place for the holy book. >> everything centers around the book? >> it is a living -- we consider it as a living person. living guru. >> reporter: the temple is 110,000 square feet sitting on a 40-acre campus above san jose. considered the largest and most expensive sikh temple in the u.s. >> it is important because we
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are a minority in this country and i believe something like this would kind of get their attention. raise awareness in a way. >> reporter: a misunderstood minority at that in part because of the turnins many sikhs wear. >> because of that image in the middle east, people think we are muslims. so that's where we are mostly misunderstood. >> reporter: today people were invite the to attend. the project was completed two years later and $2 million overbudget but people here say it is worth every penny. >> there was a lot of what we call service. there was a lot of stuff to be done. it was just a community effort. >> reporter: the total cost about $32 million. but it is a resource that will be shared. this brand-new kitchen on campus will feed anyone who walks in at any time, any day of the week. >> we welcome everybody. our guru taught the message all
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races are one. so everyone is welcome. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs5. he is saying his antiwar anthems in the 60s and tonight he is visiting what was once enemy territory. >> bob dylan performed. half of the 8000 seats were sold. more than 60% of vietnam's population was born after the war and many people don't know who bob dylan is. a mini partridge family reunion in atlantic city this weekend. david casidy and danny performed on the stage. danny is a standup comedian. david said he had to teach
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danny how to play the song. >> let me know when susan day shows up. i'm dennis o'donnell. tiger woods returns to the top of the leaderboard. would he stay there? the masters is next. rsday at the tank... first
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these rivals have met in the po the sharks will open the stanley cup playoffs against the kings on thursday at the tank. first time they have met in the post season. final round in the masters. 21-year-old rory mcilroy imploded on the back 9. shoots an 80 and loses by 10 strokes. tiger woods taking advantage.
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67. but he could have gone lower. tiger settled for a tie for fourth place. he was in first at one point. on the 50th anniversary of a win, schwartzel wins it. aaron rowans too hot to handle. first home run as a member of the athletics and josh willingham connects for his third into the second. the bats come through as they beat the twins 5-3 taking two out of three in that series. warriors hosting the kings down 3. final minute. drives it. comes down hard. hitting his head. he left the game. in fact, they took him to the hospital. he will not play tomorrow night. warriors lose by 1. >> and "game day"? >> we will break down who the
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opponent is for the san jose sharks. >> looking forward to that. >> more of that. most amazing matches ever this game. >> that's it for eyewitness news at 10:00 p.m. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber
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